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Why In The Image?

Box of Diapers - Delivery.jpg

The frantic voice of a new mom who can't get to the store - "I need help". 

Because of YOU, this mom could rest a little easier with diapers, wipes, formula and even personal hygiene products for the new mom and dad. They might be missing out on sleep but you brought them comfort - knowing they can still provide for their baby in trying times. Thank you! 

We asked our donors why they love In The Image, this is what they had to say. . . 

"You give things to people, no need to pay for it." 

"It helps people who need a hand and the staff and volunteers are so kind!"

"It stays right here in Grand Rapids, helping our community thrive!"

"I know the things I'm donating are going to get a second life and help someone in need."

"It helps people feel cared for." 

"I feel blessed in my own life and want to pay it forward. It says in the bible, if you have two cloaks, give one away. I want to be a light for those in need." 

"Everyone is so nice and helpful, especially Stacy in donations!!! And I'm so glad to have a place to give back!!!" 

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