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Location: 1823 S. Division Avenue Grand Rapids, MI 49507      Office Hours: Monday - Friday 10am to 3pm

Donation Hours: Monday - Friday 9am to 4pm, Saturday 9am to 12pm

Why In The Image?

Vicky is struggling - she has found herself as a new, single mom of two school-aged children, with little support. She started a second job to make ends meet and provide a stable home for her daughters - Ellie, 8 and Sydney, 10. 

When Vicky talked to the school about resources to find winter clothing for her children, they told her about In The Image's Free Store. She could shop for free in a welcoming and safe place - finding the items she needed for the girls - coats, hats, gloves, boots that fit, everything a growing child would need to stay warm. 

There was just one problem. How was she going to get to In The Image? 

Vicky lives in Kentwood and although In The Image isn't terribly far away - she will need to take the bus - she will need to take time off of work. She can't get to the Free Store without losing out on some of her paycheck to pay bills. And just like that, something that was going to help Vicky now adds more stress to her life. 

What if you could help Vicky today?

What if YOU could bring the Free Store right to Vicky's neighborhood? 

Your financial gift will make a big difference this Giving Season. We have impactful plans for 2020 but we need your help today! Please consider a gift today. 

We asked our donors why they love In The Image, this is what they had to say. . . 

"You give things to people, no need to pay for it." 

"It helps people who need a hand and the staff and volunteers are so kind!"

"It stays right here in Grand Rapids, helping our community thrive!"

"I know the things I'm donating are going to get a second life and help someone in need."

"It helps people feel cared for." 

"I feel blessed in my own life and want to pay it forward. It says in the bible, if you have two cloaks, give one away. I want to be a light for those in need." 

"Everyone is so nice and helpful, especially Stacy in donations!!! And I'm so glad to have a place to give back!!!"