How to Host a Successful Donation Drive​











Hosting a donation drive is a great way to

give hope at no cost to this community!

If your school, church, company, neighborhood, or family is planning on hosting a donation drive, In The Image would love to partner with you to make it a successful event!

First pick the type of donation drive you are  interested in hosting.

Then see our Tips and Tricks to make a greater impact, and fill out the Donation Drive form below to get your donation drive started!

Types of Donation Drives: 


Steps to Hosting a Donation Drive: 

Do's & Don'ts: 

Volunteer Opportunities:

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Tips and Tricks for a Successful Drive

Let us help you! 

We love when the community comes together to help each other! We can help you with direction, determining which drive is right for you and the mission, and creating a plan of action! 

Set a goal!

Whether you are hosting a sock drive or a financial drive - setting a goal and sharing that goal with participants will help make your drive a successful one! 

Have Fun! 

No need to stress when you are making a difference in the community!                                              Remember to have fun with it! Enjoy knowing that you will bring hope to                                              so many by putting together a drive! THANK YOU for helping!