How to Host a Successful Donation Drive​











Hosting a donation drive is a great way to

give hope at no cost to this community!

If your school, church, company, neighborhood, or family is planning on hosting a donation drive, In The Image would love to partner with you to make it a successful event!

First pick the type of donation drive you are  interested in hosting. Then see our Tips and Tricks

to make it an even greater impact! 

Welcome Baby Bags

Collect the following new items for babies and mothers in need: bibs, burp clothes, diapers of all sizes, swaddles, onesies, bottles, mitts, hats, sleepers, socks, ointment, baby wash, baby wipes, receiving blankets, pacifiers, and formula. 

                          Personal Care Drive for Brian's Basic Needs Room

                          Collect donations of new essential items like diapers, pull ups, shampoo,                                   laundry soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, disposable razors, feminine care                                  products, bath soap, deodorant toilet paper, paper towels, and                                                  cleaning products. 

Winter Weather Wear Drive

Collect winter boots of all sizes, new hats, gloves, and winter coats. Walking around

in the Michigan Winter can be frigid, warm someone's heart and soul with new

Winter Weather Wear!

Shoes Help Our Elementary Students

You can go in several directions to support shoes, host one or all of the following          drives to make it the best school year possible!

Back-to-School Drive

Collect school supplies such as pens, pencils, notebooks, tissues, glue sticks, paper, backpacks, crayons, pencil cases, markers, new books for children in elementary school, etc. Items will be distributed at our annual Shoes Help Our Elementary Students program each Fall. 


                              Fill a Shoe Box Drive

                              We provide the S.H.O.E.S. box, your donation drive fills it with spare change,                                 checks, or cash to help purchase thousands of new shoes needed for                                       Shoes Help Our Elementary Students. 

Sock Drive

With every pair of shoes a child in need picks out, we provide a pair of socks as well! Consider collecting fun socks for children in K-5th grade! Pair each set together and donate at the end of your drive! 

Clothing Drive

Collect new or like-new clothing of every size and every department: men's, women's, and children's.  All types are needed including casual, professional attire, and labor workforce attire. 

Sustainability Drive

We try our hardest to reduce our imprint on the environment. Please consider hosting a drive to collect slightly stained cotton clothing and linens and/or shoes with the soles still intact. ​

Financial Drive​ or Fundraising Fun!

In The Image's resources are FREE. . . but money is needed to keep the operations going at ITI. A fundraiser is always helpful - whether that is hosting a party at your home to bring together friends and family to give a gift, a restaurant proceeds night, a bake sale, or other creative ideas! Every penny counts to meet the needs of the mission. 

Host a Drive!
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Tips and Tricks for a Successful Drive

Let us help you! 

We love when the community comes together to help each other! We can help you with direction, determining which drive is right for you and the mission, and creating a plan of action! 

Set a goal!

Whether you are hosting a sock drive or a financial drive - setting a goal and sharing that goal with participants will help make your drive a successful one! 

Have Fun! 

No need to stress when you are making a difference in the community!                                              Remember to have fun with it! Enjoy knowing that you will bring hope to                                              so many by putting together a drive! THANK YOU for helping! 

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